Day 4

106 Burnett Road


23 For My Angel will go before you and bring you in to the Amorites and the Hittites and the Perizzites and the Canaanites and the Hivites and the Jebusites; and I will cut them off.

Exodus 23:23

God has a place he has prepared for His church. It is a good thing for a church community to have a place to call home. The children of Israel journeyed through the wilderness for 40 years until they came into the promised land of Canaan. God has a place prepared for our church. Last year at about this time we prayed for 42 Speers Road. That did not happen and as people of faith we march forward knowing God has a prepared place. This year we have shifted our focus to 106 Burnett.

Prayer Points

  • Thank God in advance that He has a place planned for us. With total trust in God, whatever happens with 106 Burnett Ave, we know His grace is more than sufficient for us.
  • Thank God for the alignment of financial and other resources as we pray for the completion of negotiations with the owners realtor this month for 106 Burnett Avenue.
  • Pray for peace and divine wisdom. Pray that there will be no stress in the process during renovations and all that we will need to do. Ask for favour before City of Winnipeg officials for speedy processing as we pursue permits and occupancy approval.

Sample Prayer

Father in Heaven,

I thank you because you always hear my prayer. You have said in your word that if I ask anything in Your name and according to Your will, You will do it. Your Word declares that we should come to the throne of grace to seek help in a time of need. Father, today is a time of need. Joy Fountain has rented spaces as a mobile assembly of Jesus followers, setting up every week for a number of years and now we desire a place to call home. Dear Lord, as we look to complete negotiations for 106 Burnett Ave. I ask for your favour before the owners of this property and before City of Winnipeg officials for the permit and approval process to be smooth sailing. Because you have promised to supply all that we need, I pray for all the funds and all needed resources to come in at the right time. I pray for all the expertise to be lined up. Above all, let your perfect will be done, surprise your people, put laughter and joy in our hearts in Jesus’ mighty name.

Please don’t forget to repeat at or before bedtime

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