Day 1 – The Eagle Believer

Isaiah 40:31

Is it too late to wish you a Happy New Year 2021? I do not think so. While the year is already getting old, it is not too old to wish anyone well. We have for several years always began the year with a set number of days of fasting with prayer around a scriptural theme with one or more verses of scripture. The theme for 2020 was “Follow Jesus.” This year our theme is “2021, The year of The Eagle” with scripture from Isaiah 40:30-31.

Over the next 10 days, we will examine lessons around this magnificent bird that our Heavenly Father uses to communicate powerful truths to us His children. May we hear the Spirit of God and be prompted to pray according to His will.

Even the youths shall faint and be weary, And the young men shall utterly fall,31 But those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.

Isaiah 40:30-31

It is generally safe to assume that the youth in any generation are usually stronger for all intents and purposes than those who are older. From this scripture, we are reminded that circumstances and situations will arise in every generation, nation, people group, and individual lives where even the strength of the youth and the young will fail. Looking around the world today, that reality appears to be closer to home than we would have imagined. Our mental faculties are stretched by anxiety and fear with the continuous barrage of mostly negative information, coronavirus uncertainty, and extensive lockdowns leading to more serious long-term health consequences such as depression. Added on is the palpable confusion of politicians and governments to the point where we seem to be at war with everything around us without really being at war.

In all of this, we have been assured renewal of strength such that we will mount up as Eagles do with the foundational condition being to “wait upon the Lord.” To wait upon the Lord reminds one of a waiter or waitress at a restaurant. Their job is to wait on you or in other words to “serve you.” In like manner one meaning of waiting on the Lord is “to serve the Lord.” While the world may present a bleak outlook around us, we are called to submit in service to Him. May I ask you today: are you waiting on the Lord? Is your life an offering to Him? Interestingly adding fasting to prayer is a twin approach to serving the Lord.

This year we shall be Eagle Believers indeed who “Mount Up with Wings as Eagles” in Jesus Mighty Name.

Note: Please Pray using the scripture verses provided where applicable. Allow the Holy Spirit to also guide your heart as you pray. If you know other Bible verses use them. Praying the Word is powerful and helps us focus on using God’s inspired words. Isaiah 58:5-12 focuses on fasting prayer and benefits. Check it out!

Thanksgiving Prayer

  • Give thanks to God for bringing you into 2021. Psalm 107:1
  • Give thanks for the fact that as a child of God you have access to the Father in Heaven who hears and answers our prayer. John 11:41-42
  • Give thanks for the insights that will be coming forth these next several days from studying and praying scriptures as it relates to the Eagle. Psalm 119:129-130
  • What are some other things you can give God thanks for? Go ahead give Him praise.

Prayer Requests

  • Ask the Lord Jesus for His strength to have a healthy fasting and prayer experience. Psalm 139:23-24
  • Pray for spiritual strength to not just survive but thrive in these times that we are in. Psalm 28:7
  • Declare in Jesus’ name that the mental health of your family will not faint because of the strength of God in and upon you despite what we see and hear around our present world. Isaiah 58:8
  • Pray for Joy Fountain Church (JFC), CNBC Canada and Manitoba network of churches, all the churches in our city, for pastors, leadership teams, and their families, for the Lord to renew our strength in Him and make us all Eagle Believers. Matthew 16:18
  • What personal prayer requests do you have? Present them as well. Isaiah 41:21

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