Jesus Often Withdrew to the Wilderness to Pray

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The Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit (Romans 14:17). As a believer, that’s what is available to us on a daily basis. However, we often find ourselves living quite contrary to that lifestyle. Instead of peace and joy, so many of us find ourselves swept away in worry, busyness and frustration.

How did Jesus do it? He had the greatest calling and hardest path that any person has had to walk upon this earth. And yet he boldly proclaimed, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

“But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.”

Luke 5:16

You might think that this verse occurred before Jesus started His ministry and perhaps had more free time in His day. However, it’s quite the opposite. This verse actually comes right after we’re told that news about Jesus had spread throughout the region and that multitudes of people would come to see Him, to hear Him teach and to receive healing. This was in the peak of His ministry and the peak of the busyness of His life! Most of us, if we were in His shoes, would probably reason that there was so much work to do that we couldn’t afford the time for that. But Jesus did just the opposite.

Jesus, Himself, said that He can do nothing of His own, but only what His Heavenly Father shows Him. He lived a life so intertwined in fellowship with His Heavenly Father that He always knew what God wanted for that day.

Jesus knew the importance of withdrawing. If He had to do it, how much more us!

He demonstrated how to live in the Kingdom of God – a life of righteousness, peace and joy. He showed us how us as men and women, who although knowing times of stress, weakness and pain, can encounter victory and find peace in the midst of all these things.

‘While Jesus was here on earth, he offered prayers and pleadings, with a loud cry and tears, to the one who could rescue him from death. And God heard his prayers because of his deep reverence for God. Even though Jesus was God’s Son, he learned obedience from the things he suffered.’

Hebrews 5:7-8

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